Beetle Boot Jack

Beetle Boot Jack

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Beetle Boot Jack  

This Beetle Boot Jack provide an easy way to lift your feet out of muddy boots and wellies without having to kneel, crouch or bend. Simply stand on a beetle lift your foot and your boot is off.

They are modeled in an interesting beetle shape; painted black with styled antennae, wings, head and feet. It makes it a brilliant feature for any porch, entrance and or foot locker.

The antennae of the beetle serve as the hook for your boots, whilst you stand on the beetles back to provide stability for the hook. Lift your heel through the antennae whilst pushing down on the beetles back then lift your foot out of your boot.

The dimensions of this product are as follows:

Each beetle boot jack measures:

- 25 centimeters width
- 6 centimeters height
- 12 centimeters depth