Dachshund Coir Doormat

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Dachshund Coir Doormat

The natural coir non-slip doormat offers a quick and easy way to show off your personality, and create an inviting home environment for your guests right from their very first step inside.

Crafted from natural coir coconut fibres, these welcome mats provide an innate strength and durability that is perfectly suited to brushing dirt, dust, mud and muck from the soles of your shoes.

A non-slip PVC backing traps moisture and water while keeping your interior carpets protected.

This doormat comes adorned with a stylish, sausage dog graphic that is sure to feel at home in a wide variety of decor styles.

These doormats are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and easy to clean - simply beat while hanging outside with a sturdy broom handle, then brush through with a small amount of water before laying flat to dry.

Size 60 x 40 cm 

Please note that this item will loose some coconut fibres during its use…this is the nature of the doormat and not a fault.