Benefits of Good Lighting

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Light up your home...⁣
Here at Make Your House a Home we have a wide range of lighting from; lamps, ceiling lights, bathroom lighting, outdoor lighting and more! 💡
I wanted to share with you 3 quick benefits of good lighting in your home: ⁣
1. Good lighting will make a room seem larger
Lighting can create an illusion of space. If you have a small room, paired with dark furniture it will make the room feel cramped. By simply adding a floor or table lamp, it will make a huge difference in creating a more open feeling to your space. 
Floor Lantern
2. Good lighting can set a mood
Just imagine it, you come home from work plan for a cosy night in, grab your blanket yet you still don't feel relaxed. The thing you are missing is good lighting, no matter the size of the room is, lighting can create a positive aura that makes you feel more at home and dimmable lighting is great to create this ambiance.
Silver Double Wall Light
3. Become more productive
On the flip side to the cosy lighting, the use of bright white lighting will make you more productive so it is great to use in certain areas of your home such as kitchen, home office, garage, and study area are essential. 
Hopefully, this has got some ideas flowing for new lighting solutions in your home. Why not browse our lighting collection online and remember to use code ONLINE15 for 15% off your entire order!
With love, 
Sharron x

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