Decorating on a Budget

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Decorating doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think….⁣
When it comes to decorating, YES you can go all out with paints and new furniture to transform your room but there are some cheaper options that can really transform your room and make you feel light you have redecorated.
Here are some of my favourite ways to decorate my Shropshire home on a budget. 
                New Bedding                                          Throw or Cushion
Pheasant Bedding                 Harriet Hare Cushion  

Pheasant bedding for country interiors.       Harriett Hare Cushion one of my fave.


           Art and Frames                                                      Mirrors
 Bee Canvas                          Large Mirror
Decorate with your favourite art or photos .     Add a mirror to brighten a room.
                Lighting                                                     Accessories      
  Table Lamp                    Buddha Ornament
     Add a table or floor lamp.                         Decorate with new ornaments
Purchasing items such as a selection of new photo frames, a candle, or even treating yourself to a new bed set can ignite a change in your surroundings without going all out. ⁣
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