Bathroom Design Tips to Improve Wellbeing

Posted by Sharron Marriott on

My bathroom is my sanctuary….⁣
After a long day or a busy week at work, there is nothing quite like taking time out to have a nice bubble bath or skincare pamper session in your bathroom 🛀⁣
Minimal Bathroom Interior
Here are some quick tips on how you can design your bathroom to improve your wellbeing; ⁣
1. Storage - This will keep your products hidden and leave your bathroom distraction-free and in order.⁣
2. Add plants - These create a calming, natural atmosphere.⁣
3. Lighting - Lighting can create an ambiance in your bathroom, whether you light bright lighting or a few candles. Lighting is important. ⁣
Browse online to see how you can add to your bathroom and help improve your wellbeing.

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