How to Style Throw Cushions

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We all love a good throw cushion, but do you know how to style them?⁣

Here are 3 simple tips for you: ⁣

1. Pillow size is crucial!⁣
When picking your pillows, it’s important to remember they are an accent to your sofa, chair, or bed. You will want to find a happy medium on sizing; not too big so that it becomes a distraction, yet not too small so that it looks like an afterthought 🤔⁣ 

Throw Cushions on Sofa
2. Determine how many pillows you need. ⁣
When it comes to styling your home you may be familiar with the rule of decorating in odd numbers like three of five. The same rule applies to your cushions and will create a modern look to your home 🏠

Trio of Throw Cushions

3. Mix pillow patterns & textures!⁣
Don’t be scared to mix ‘n’ match. Yes, it can be intimating at first but mixing patterns and textures will add depth to your sofa, bed, or chair and won’t look as flat as if you used all the same colours and textures ❤️

Textured Throw Cushions

If this post has got you inspired to style your home with a throw cushion or two, then make sure you check out my cushion collection here.

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