Nautical Interiors to take you to the seaside

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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

A selection of boatyard and beach hut, the nautical style interior is the perfect way to make you feel like the ocean is always near! With the many different shades of Blue, the Golden colours of the sand and the driftwood that’s been on some long adventure to arrive where it is now.

Make Your House A Home has some lovely subtle ways of decorating your home to make you feel like you’re at the seaside.

One of my Favourite pieces is this stunning driftwood mirror! This beautiful large Sunburst mirror has been attractively decorated with driftwood pieces. This piece will add a touch of nautical anywhere in your house to make you feel that little more adrift.

Driftwood mirror

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Does anyone else find they just don’t have enough places to hang things? From your outside coats to the bathroom towels. If your styling out your bedroom, bathroom or hallway with that nautical touch, then adding the Wooden Flip flop coat hook is a must!

Flip-flops are easy. With a simple slide of the foot, you’re ready to go! No laces, buckles, or socks required! Just like flip flops the coat hook is there to make life easy for you! Eliminating the case of the towels left on the floor or coats left on the back of chairs.

flipflop coathook

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Days out at the seaside would usually involve, bucket and spade in hand, multi-coloured beach huts, sticks of rock, fish and chips, and the quintessential pier. When searching for Nautical interiors all these things come to mind.

 Make Your House a Home’s Boat tray table is a standout piece to have in your search for creating the Nautical theme in your home. Wow your guests and serve tea and cake on it! Or if your really sticking to the trend serve the fish and chips on it!


boat tray table

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The Nautical style brings a sense of travel and adventure to your home, meaning it’s ideal for a child’s room where imaginations should run wild, as well as a home office or studio where creativity is encouraged.

When it comes to decorating the nursery, kids bedroom or toy room, these Bright and Colourful Pirate Bookends from Leading Designer Gisela Graham are perfect! They are Beautifully finished with standout colourful detail.

pirate bookends

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Nautical interiors are less of a trend and more of an ongoing style that continues to stand the test of time. So take a look at Make Your House A Home’s Nautical interior collection and let it take you out to sea on an adventure……







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