How to Style your Shelves

Posted by Sharron Marriott on

It’s the small touches to your home interiors that can make a huge difference. 
One element of my home that I love is shelving. They can make such a statement in your home when they are decorated correctly, here is my guide on how to style your shelves; ⁣
1. Start with a blank canvas 
White Ladder Shelves
Remove everything off your shelves and organise into piles what you want to feature, along with things you no longer want on show. ⁣
2. Start with your plants 
Shelving Plants
Plants will usually take up the most space on your shelf so best to start out with these. ⁣
3. Add your accessories
Shelving Decoration
Now you can fill the remaining spaces with candles, pottery, photo frames, and all your little trinkets. ⁣
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With love, 
Sharron xox

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